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Money back guarantee

We are very keen to ensure that you're entirely satisfied with your purchases from 1010 Direct.

If, for any reason whatsoever, you want to return part or all of your order, we will refund you in full by crediting the payment card you used to make the purchase.

All we ask is that you contact us within 7 days of receiving your order, preferably by email, to have your return authorised so that we know to expect your goods back. This refund guarantee covers both sunglasses and prescription spectacles.

For detailed information, please see our returns policy.

How much does delivery cost?

Absolutely nothing - it's totally free!. It's very important for us to ensure that your order arrives quickly and safely. For that reason we use Royal Mail Special Delivery guaranteed next day. Not only is this service very efficient and reliable, but your goods are automatically insured against damage and loss. You can also track your parcel using the consignment number on the receipt that we email you when you place your order. As this is quite an expensive service and it's our decision to use it, we don't ask you to pay for it.

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I can’t find the frames I am looking for. Can you help?

Our excellent longstanding relationship with official suppliers of our brands means that any item can be quickly sourced and sent to us.

If you are searching for a specific product in a specific size and/or colour and are unable to locate it on our site, please call 08448882832 or click the “Ask a Question” icon and we will endeavour to find it for you.

So please ask - it really is no problem and we thank you for helping us to further expand our range of stylish designer eyewear!

Do I really get CASH BACK for recommending my friends?

Oh yes! At 1010 Direct, we take loyalty very seriously and if you're pleased with what we've done for you, we want you to spread the word.

When you order your glasses from us, we'll give you a unique promotion code that you can share with as many people as you like. When they buy glasses using that code, they'll receive 10% off their order total and, more importantly, we'll credit your account with £5 every time someone uses your code! Orders qualify for cashback when the total is over £50.

That could turn into quite a tidy income for you. Obviously, it wouldn't do us any harm either!

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Frequently asked questions

How much does delivery cost?

How long will my order take to arrive?

Do I really get CASH BACK for recommending my friends?

Why don't 1010 Direct supply bifocal and varifocal lenses?

How long will my order take to arrive?

We keep a large quantity of frames in stock, so we will often be able to dispatch orders as soon as we receive them using a guaranteed next day delivery service, or within 3 working days for glasses with prescription lenses! For more complex lenses and certain items, it can take a bit longer and we ask you to allow up to 14 days to receive your order (although it is extremely unlikely to take this long!). If the frames you order are not in stock we will contact you as quickly as possible to give you an approximate delivery date.

Once dispatched, you will receive an email which will confirm the dispatch and also provide you with a personal promotion code which you can use in future and pass on to family and friends to receive 10% off orders as well as earning £5 each time an order is placed!

Can I put my prescription into sunglasses?

Yes you can! All but a few of our sunglasses can be fitted with prescription lenses. All you need to do is select 'prescription sunglasses' on the product page and your prescription options will appear below. Simply fill in your prescription, select which lenses you'd like, then choose from 12 different options of tints including graduated, polarised and transition UV protection in a range of different colours! Remember - a tint MUST be selected for sunglasses as the default option is for clear lenses!!

Why don't 1010 Direct supply bifocal and varifocal glasses?

To achieve a satisfactory result with varifocal and bifocal lenses, it is recommended that you have measurements taken of your eyes whilst wearing your chosen frames before the lenses are manufactured. For that reason, we do not feel that it is practical to supply these type of lenses from an online shop. If you would like varifocal or bifocal lenses, there is the option to purchase just the frames from us with the default plastic lenses left in so they can be fitted to your prescription elsewhere. It is likely that you will still save a significant amount of money by purchasing the frames from 1010 Direct and having the lenses fitted by your optician! Alternatively, consider having 2 pairs of glasses - one for general purpose use and the other for reading. That way you can enjoy two different styles of frames, and at our prices these 2 pairs could even cost you less than 1 pair of varifocal/bifocal glasses from a high street optician!

Can I put my new prescription into my own frames?

If you want to put your new prescription into your existing frames, or simply replace or upgrade your lens package, why not try our reglaze service which is quick and easy from start to finish?!

Once you have selected the reglaze service just enter your prescription and choose your required lenses, then proceed to check out.

We will send you a pre paid envelope and packaging in which you can send us your frames - we provide Royal Mail insured next day delivery, so it is likely that your frames will be with us within just 2 working days after placing your order, and you can ensure they will arive safely.

Once we have your frames, our opticians will fit them with your new lenses, usually within 3 working days, and we will swiftly return them to you as good as new!

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